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Chris Krebs

Legal Assistant


Chris Krebs is a Legal Assistant at Barfield McCain Ayoub, P.A., who joined the firm in 2022. Chris came to Florida from Atlanta, GA, where he graduated from Georgia State University in 2007 with a BA in Economics and Public Policy.  While living in Atlanta, GA, Chris worked as Project Manager for a top luxury builder, before choosing to change his career to become a paralegal with a focus on Real Property Law.  Chris brought his extraordinary organizational and leadership skill sets, and his experience and passion for Real Property Law to Barfield McCain Ayoub, P.A. in January 2022.  As a uniquely qualified and effective asset to our team, Chris continues to use his talents to contribute to the firm’s commitment to remain a top performer in its field.  Chris is engaged to a supportive partner with whom he shares their three dogs and a cat.  He enjoys various sports and athletic activities.

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