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Chris Krebs

Director of Legal Support


Chris Krebs, a versatile, dedicated Director of Legal Support, who joined the prestigious team at Barfield McCain Ayoub, P.A. as a Legal Assistant in 2022. A native of Atlanta, GA, Chris's journey is underscored by a potent mix of ambition, adaptability, and academic excellence. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Public Policy from Georgia State University.


Prior to immersing himself in the realm of law, Chris sharpened his organizational prowess and leadership skills as a Project Manager for a top-tier luxury builder in Atlanta. This role served as a crucible for honing his skills

Fueled by his deep-seated interest in Real Property Law, Chris made the strategic decision to pivot his career, stepping into the role of a paralegal. His strong background in project management and his legal expertise created a dynamic professional synergy that brought him to sunny Florida.


Since joining Barfield McCain Ayoub, P.A., Chris's unique blend of skills has made him an invaluable asset to the team. He not only enhances the firm's standing in the field of Real Property Law with his experience and passion but also actively contributes to maintaining the firm's reputation as a leader in its sphere.


Outside the professional arena, Chris leads an engaging personal life. When he is not managing legal cases or spending time with his beloved pets, Chris relishes various sports and athletic activities, showcasing his zest for a well-rounded, active lifestyle.

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