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Andy Boersma

Legal Assistant


As a Legal Assistant at Barfield, Andy is excited to see and experience all aspects of law and to continue to advance his knowledge and skills in the legal system.  His main goal at this time is to finish his degree as an Accountant. He has always believed that we should always stretch our perceptions and strive for self-improvement especially given our era.  Andy has an AA in Computer Science from Palm Beach State College and is an experienced Data Scientist. He always used data to try and make predictive analysis for chart future actions. In his prior job he created charts based off of telematics and speed limit data provided by Google Maps. Based off of metrics he would train/follow-up with clients or reward clients based off of either improvement or keeping the highest consistency of safety metrics. 


His hobbies include video games, helping run/promote smaller fighting game tournaments, and building computers with ideas of either efficiency or compact behind them.

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