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Landlord Representation


Our firm has been representing Florida Landlords and their Managing Agents since 1987 and we know that time means money to our clients. For instance, time when a tenant is wrongfully in possession of an apartment unit while not paying rent; time spent evicting such tenants and defending baseless suits; and time it takes to make up for senseless errors caused by someone else. Because we know time means money, we help our clients spend less of it. That is why South Florida’s Multi-Housing professionals have been trusting our firm for over 20 years. We are known throughout the multi-housing industry as the problem prevention and solution. We say prevent and solve because our focus is always on preventing rather than “fixing” problems for our clients. As the saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. That concept is at the core of our philosophy, and we can put it to work for you.


We understand that landlords are business people and providing quality rental housing in the multi-housing rental industry depends upon mutual performance to operate successfully. Providing affordable quality housing to qualified consumers sometimes requires the removal of tenants who fail to pay their rent or who otherwise fail to conduct themselves in accordance with the lease agreement and applicable law.

Evictions can be costly for landlords and time is of the essence when an eviction becomes necessary. To meet the needs of our many clients who request us to represent them in an eviction action, our firm has taken the capability of computer driven databases to great heights. We developed “Law Partner”, our exclusive case management software designed to facilitate in the creation and monitoring of each phase of an eviction action. Law Partner provides you with the opportunity to manage your evictions online. All you need is the internet and the best part is it’s FREE!

Superior Personal Service

Time saving technology is not the only advantage we offer. The majority of our eviction cases result in possession being returned to the landlord within thirty days. That’s because we employ experienced attorneys and staff who know how to get the job done. You can count on our firm to provide you with excellent legal representation every step of the way.

As an eviction client, you’ll also receive legal consultations and training seminars for you and your staff free of charge. If you have a legal question about your eviction case or a question about the status of your case, you can call us any time without having to worry that you’re “on the clock”.

Experienced Staff

At Barfield, McCain, P.A., you can rest assured that your cases are being handled by extremely competent attorneys and staff who are highly familiar with the law and the issues specific to the multi-housing industry. Frequently, our attorneys are asked to lecture on topics such as Fair Housing, ADA, Section 8 housing, sexual harassment in the workplace and others. In addition, our staff and attorneys undergo vigorous initial and recurrent training so that we can stay on top of the legal changes that affect your business.

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